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Name ChemDraw
Category Math & Science
Expiration 01 Jul 2018
Description Iowa State has an educational license for ChemDraw that is effective until July 1, 2018.

Any student, faculty, or staff member with a current Iowa State email address is covered by the license, and may download and install the software on personal and/or university-owed computers.

Two versions of the software appear in the download area for our site license: ChemDraw for Windows and ChemDraw for Macintosh. Be sure to download the correct file for your computer. You are entitled to download both and use both versions if you have both Windows and Macintosh computers.

ChemDraw Cloud Annual Subscription
In addition to the ChemDraw software packages for Macintosh and Windows computers, Iowa State users now have access to a ChemDraw Cloud subscription. Login to this subscription requires signing up for a CambridgeSoft account using the user’s IASTATE email address if the user does not already have an active account. Access to this cloud-based software for Iowa State students, staff and faculty will coincide with annual campus license renewal period of July 1 through June 30.

To access this subscription, go to:

Download and Install the Software
1. To download the software directly from CambridgeSoft, go to:

2. You will need to enter your Iowa State email address ( for site license verification.

3. You will then need to register with CambridgeSoft to access member features. Once registered, you can download the software. Both Windows and Macintosh versions are available.

4. CambridgeSoft will send you a personal registration code for the site-licensed software at your Iowa State email address. This is your personal registration code and is not meant to be shared with others.

5. Once you have received the email with your registration code, you can install the software and run the installers required during the installation process.

Installing ChemDraw
Run the installer file you downloaded. You will need the registration code for the version you are installing at the time you install the software. The codes for both the Windows and the Macintosh versions of the software will be sent to you at your Iowa State email address. Make sure you have received this message before beginning the installation process. The email may not arrive immediately, so please give it at least ten to fifteen minutes to arrive.

You can also retrieve the serial registration numbers for ChemDraw by doing the following:

1. Open a web browser
2. Go to
3. Login with your ISU NetID and password
4. Go to My Downloads on the right side
5. Your product serial numbers will be displayed here
Restrictions Unlimited campus-wide license. Any student, faculty, or staff member with a current Iowa State email address is covered by the license.
Contact Info Stephen Heideman
Ph: 515-294-7449

Christopher Campbell
Ph: 515-294-5237