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ITInformation Technology

ITS Training and Campus Engagement

ITS provides opportunities for face-to-face, specialized, and online training.

Face-to-face training provides interactive instruction from a skilled trainer in a learning environment. Face-to-face training is available to all Iowa State faculty, staff, and students for a variety of topics, including:

File Storage and Sharing Understand the different file storage and sharing options available at Iowa State.
CyBox Learn to use CyBox and collaborate with partners inside and outside the university.
Surveys Learn how to create and analyze surveys using Qualtrics, Iowa State's licensed online survey solution.
Email and Calendar Learn techniques and tips to manage your email and calendar.
Mobile Devices Learn how to effectively use mobile devices at Iowa State.
Kuali and eData Learn how to enter official university transactions using Kuali and generate reports using eData. Kuali and eData training materials are also available on the Kuali & eData training website.
Aastra Telephones Learn how to set up voicemail, personalize your phone, and use other features of the new Aastra telephone system. Updated training materials are located on the how to How to Use Your Aastra Telephone and features.

Any unit or department on campus can request specialized training for their employees and at a location they choose. Please email

it-training (at) iastate (dot) edu
to initiate a discussion about training for your department. logo is an online repository of video tutorials and project files that cover a broad range of both commercial and open-source software packages from leading vendors and community projects.

  • To access the tutorials and files, simply login to with your Iowa State University Net-ID and password.
  • There is also a app for mobile devices that allows mobile access to its content. In the app, choose "Web Portal Access" as the login option in order to use Iowa State's site license.