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ITS Strategic Plan



Infused in all aspects of daily life on campus, Information Technology Services supports learning and teaching, research and creative endeavors, outreach, administration and student affairs. 

The Information Technology Services department functions as Iowa State University’s central IT unit, responsible for technologies and services that are used broadly across campus along with diligent IT support. ITS also cooperates with local or collegiate IT units that often offer discipline-specific services and support.

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Information Technology Services is the enterprise core that provides secure, relevant and sustainable technology services and solutions.


ITS is the trusted campus partner that enables excellence in education, research, outreach and university operations.


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Campus partner

We maintain a supportive work environment that values people.We deliberately adopt emerging technologies to provide meaningful solutions.We provide quality, reliable services and support.We listen, communicate, and care.We develop connections and opportunities for collaboration.

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Objective I

Enhance the comprehensive educational experience

Goal 1.1

Deliver and enable customer-focused, innovative educational technologies

Goal 1.2

Effectively address technology barriers for students, staff, faculty, and visitors

Goal 1.3

Provide IT support to enhance the safety, health, well-being, and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors

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Objective II

Enable our partners in research

Goal 2.1

Evaluate evolving IT support requirements to advance research

Goal 2.2

Deliver, coordinate and support solutions that meet researchers’ needs

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Objective III

Deliver and support high quality enterprise services

Goal 3.1

Ensure services are successfully addressing customer needs

Goal 3.2

Deliberately and collaboratively adopt emerging technologies, standards, and practices

Goal 3.3

Coordinate training and user support for services

Goal 3.4

Ensure service sustainability (environmental, fiscal, and support)

Goal 3.5

Enhance system and data security

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Objective IV

Enrich the ITS employee and customer experience

Goal 4.1

Prioritize ITS employee training and development

Goal 4.2

Emphasize continuous improvement culture centered on customer satisfaction

Goal 4.3

Build trust and increase transparency