Identity Governance Project

    Upcoming Project Milestones


    Application Dashboard Prep

    Reviewing Sign On Dashboard and confirming the collection of vetted apps are available for loading onto refreshed dashboards.

    To be completed by 
    July 2024

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    MFA Migration

    Moving Iowa State University's Multifactor Authentication platform from Okta to Microsoft.

    To be completed by
    August 2024


    Okta Deprecation

    Background work to remove all applications and authentication from Okta platform.

    To be completed by
    December 2024

    Past Project Efforts

    CyMail and Mailman Retirements, DMARC Updates and Microsoft A5 Licenses implementation


    Project Overview

    Every Iowa State University Net-ID is the unique identifier of a student, faculty or staff member. These digital identities are at the heart of digital information, security and privacy. As part of modernizing Iowa State's Identity Governance, many transformations will take place to better protect, secure and maintain customers' digital identities. The multi-phase project will impact various aspects of customers' digital Iowa State identity. 

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    Project Details

    The Identity Services team of ITS continues to update and improve identity governance at Iowa State. The efforts will streamline processes surrounding an individual’s identity at Iowa State, in addition to deprecating systems such as Mailman, Moira and ASW. 

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    Project Updates

    In July 2023, the Mailman email list management tool managed through ASW was retired. Departments and teams utilizing the tool were migrated to Exchange Distribution Lists, Microsoft Unified Groups and marketing platforms like Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Iowa State’s mailman mail server was decommissioned and MIT Kerberos was retired. 

    The transition from Okta to Microsoft for single sign-on and multifactor authorization is underway. Currently, applications are being reviewed and transitioned to Microsoft and communications are taking place to prepare customers for the campus-facing transition to the new tool. 

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    Schedule & Timeline

    Fall 2024

    • Complete application migration from Okta to Microsoft.

    Summer 2024

    • Begin application migration from Okta to Microsoft. 
    • Transition multifactor authorization and dashboard from Okta to Microsoft. 

    Spring 2024

    • Update Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance policy to better ensure email delivery and better prevent spoof emails and spam.

    Fall 2023

    • Begin application migration from Okta to Microsoft. 
    • Begin testing and preparing the Microsoft application dashboard. 

    May 2023 

    • Retired Mailman email service and move email distribution to more modern solutions like Mail-Enabled ASW Lists, Exchange Distribution Lists, Microsoft Unified Groups and marketing platforms like Constant Contact and Mailchimp. 
    • Remove Permissions to create Azure AD applications.  All requests now go through the same review process as Okta applications via the Request a New Single Sign-On Application form 

    September 2022 

    • Moved all customers to Microsoft A5 licenses to provide more security and functionality. 

    June 2022 

    • Consolidated campus email to one email service (Outlook) and retiring CyMail (Gmail). 

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