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App scrubbing precedes sign-on dashboard move to Microsoft

June 20, 2024

As part of the university's commitment to using a single enterprise system (Microsoft), the sign-on dashboard and multifactor authentication will move from Okta to Microsoft by late summer. The dashboard site itself will look very similar to its current version and the sign-in location ( won't change.

Deadline for digital accessibility moves up

June 20, 2024

The implementation of Iowa State's digital accessibility policy will occur a couple of months earlier because of a new federal deadline. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently updated regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that public entities' web content and mobile apps are accessible and compliant by April 24, 2026. 

Farewell, 'click here': Choosing a descriptive text for your links

June 06, 2024

Hyperlinks are an easy way to share with readers useful information we don't need to (or perhaps want to) include in our own document. Inside worked with the communications and digital accessibility teams in IT Services on a few best practices for creating descriptive and accessible text links in websites, emails, documents or course materials.

A healthy dose of skepticism aids cybersecurity

October 26, 2023

Providing security for 90,000-plus devices on the Iowa State network is a challenging daily task for information technology services (ITS). Employees can take steps to recognize potential problems and limit risk.

New series aims to demystify digital accessibility

September 21, 2023

Reaching faculty and staff can be a challenge during busy days with so much vying for their time. That is why information technology services' (ITS) digital accessibility team created the A11y Bytes: Bite-Sized Tips for Enhancing Digital Accessibility series. It is designed to help employees understand digital accessibility and its importance with ISU committed to the digital accessibility policy.

Cybersecurity 101: Hacks against hackers

September 07, 2023

Job scams offering students $500 per week to be a personal assistant are just one of the schemes hackers utilize to steal personal information. Regularly updating your device's software, having a strong password and being skeptical when a message or call seems a little off can help keep your information safe on the web.

Audiovisual experience team offers award-winning services

August 31, 2023

Creating a positive user experience across campus is the goal of IT Services' audiovisual experience team (AVXT), which recently was recognized as the 2023 Higher Ed AV Team of the Year. The first-ever winner of this new industry award, the AVXT is responsible for upgrading and maintaining more than 200 general university classrooms and offers fee-for-service support and consultation.

Additional antennas improve cell service at stadium

August 31, 2023

Information Technology Services (ITS) worked with a cellular service integrator to improve cellphone service at Jack Trice Stadium before the 2023 football season kicks off Saturday. Additional antennas should lead to significant improvements for Verizon customers and others.

Second command center adds to campus safety

August 31, 2023

Whether it's a major weather event -- like a derecho -- or a football Saturday, Iowa State is better equipped to handle emergencies and large events with the addition this summer of a secondary emergency operations center (EOC).

Audiovisual team updates 21 classrooms this summer

August 17, 2023

For some, summer might be a time to ease up on the accelerator, but for information technology services' audiovisual experience team (AVXT) manager Mike Pedersen, it is the busy season. This summer a team of seven employees updated technology in 21 of the 209 general university classrooms.

Digital accessibility team provides tools to improve websites

August 03, 2023

"Click here" doesn't cut it when it comes to ensuring websites and digital course materials are accessible. Tested tools that work and a reminder about what's in the digital accessibility policy can help.

Recent scam shows dangers that come with email phishing

July 06, 2023

Dealing with phishing scams is an all-too-common part of the job for information technology services (ITS) staff, but a recent attack on faculty, staff and students was one of the most persistent and disruptive.

Anatomy of an email phishing scam

July 06, 2023

Chief information security officer Rich Tener was one of numerous Iowa State faculty, staff and students who received an email as part of a phishing scam during the month of June. Shared on this page are four of the fake messages or websites used in the scam.

“YOUR ACCOUNT IS AT RISK,” email phishing scam targets Iowa State

June 28, 2023

Iowa State students and faculty have been targeted with phishing scam emails which Rich Tener, the university’s chief information security officer, said have been “very very persistent” over the last two to three weeks.

Work begins June 5 to improve network infrastructure

May 24, 2023

Information technology services will break ground on central campus for a project to improve the network infrastructure and boost future outdoor wireless coverage.

Data Storage Solution: Google Photos to be Turned Off June 1

Jan 26, 2023

As part of the strategy to reduce the university's overall data storage in Google, Iowa State has chosen to turn off the Google Photos service in the university account.

Winter Break Important Time for ITS Team

Jan 05, 2023

Upgrading classroom technology typically is a summer project for the audiovisual experience team, but supply chain issues did not allow that last summer.

Data Glut in Google Storage Still Needs Our Attention

Dec 15, 2022

Employees still have about 20 days to delete or move files and get their personal data storage under 3 GB to keep their account fully functioning.

Ally Makes Canvas Content More Accessible

Dec 01, 2022

Ally, a digital accessibility tool for students and faculty, will be available for all Canvas courses beginning Jan. 3.

Faculty, Staff Face Read-Only Status in Google Next Month

Dec 01, 2022

The Iowa State community is about a month away from lapsing to read-only status for files stored in Google Drive and Google Photos.

Impacting Young Professionals at the International Supercomputing Conference

Nov 09, 2022

Inspiring and mentoring the next generation of information technology employees is no small feat. ITS team member Dr. Marina Kraeva is ready for that opportunity at a global level.

MobileConnect Gives Hearing Devices a Personal Touch

Oct 27, 2022

Hearing well in a large classroom can be an issue for anyone trying to understand an instructor, but especially difficult for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Connection issues? Here’s how Iowa State is addressing campus Wi-Fi

Sep 27, 2022

During the first two and a half days of class, the campus experienced a service degradation or service interruption during passing times.

Siteimprove Software Reveals Path to Equal Access

Sep 30, 2022

Visitors to Iowa State websites may have noticed an improvement in the last year, thanks to the Siteimprove software tool designed for improving web accessibility.

Some Simple Tips for Staying Secure Online

Sep 01, 2022

As Iowa State's director of information security, Rich Tener leads efforts to protect university computers and networks from attacks.

Film by ITS Graduate Assistant Headed to World Festival

Aug 23, 2022

Amenda Tate’s dance film is an official selection of the X World Short Film Festival in Rome, Italy, and is an award finalist in three categories.

CyMail is Retiring in September

Aug 18, 2022

Iowa State took another big step toward a single system for campus email with the migration of 20,000-plus university Gmail accounts to Microsoft Outlook.

Be Aware of Non-ISU Retirement Messages

Jul 21, 2022

Have you received an email from "Alexa Brown" about financial or retirement planning? 

Best in Class of 2022: Iowa State University

Jun 01, 2022

Iowa State University's Katie Baumgarn dream to create a classroom in the round came to fruition, albeit facing some challenges.