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Stay Cyber Safe

The following information and links are intended to provide resources and tools to help you keep your computer secure and operating properly. To get the most from this information begin at the top and ensure you are following the recommendations in each point.

Make sure to set automatic updates for your operating system.

Windows users can also use Secunia's Personal Software Inspector to keep all software programs current. Mac users can keep non-Apple applications up to date with AppFresh.

You may use more than one anti-malware package, which will increase the chances of finding any malware in your system. The following anti-malware packages will help keep your Windows computer secure.

These include emails or text messages that appear to come from trusted sources and ask you to click a link or go to a site and log in for any type of verification.

Do not open emails or attachments, download files, or follow Web links from unknown sources.

The media available on these file-sharing sites is often provided by other users, and can transmit viruses or other malware. File sharing can be a violation of the law as well as University policy. For complete details, visit the ISU File Sharing and Copyrighted Materials policy page.

To back up data, visit the website of the operating system your computer is running if not listed below. ITS also offers Computer Data Recovery to students, faculty, and staff.

Avoid installing or using any network services you do not need, as they can leave your computer vulnerable to virus and malware attacks.

When accessing sensitive data from an off-campus connection, be sure to use Iowa State’s virtual private network (VPN) to access the network safely and securely via your computer or mobile device.