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Welcome to Iowa State!

As a new student, it’s hard to be successful without the right tools and technology. Be sure to complete at least steps 1 & 2 of the Tech-list before attending orientation.

Run into an issue?

Students, not family members, can contact the IT Solution Center (even from home) for assistance.

1. Register (set up) your Net-ID

What is a Network-ID (Net-ID)?

Your Net-ID is what you'll use to access your university accounts. This username or handle is the group of characters before the "@" sign of your Iowa State email account. For example, a student named Alex Doe might choose the Iowa State email address "alexdoe@iastate.edu," with the Net-ID being "alexdoe."

Why is your Net-ID important?

Your Net-ID will serve as your unique identifier for Iowa State accounts. In fact, many Iowa State accounts to which students have free access automatically recognize Iowa State Net-IDs as login credentials.

How to register (set up) your Net-ID

What you'll need: Given (first) Name, Family (last) Name, birthdate, and your University ID number (this number is issued to you by the university during the admissions process). In some cases, there will be a delay between accepting your offer of admission and being able to register for a Net-ID. This delay can be up to a week. We recommend waiting a few days after accepting your offer before attempting to register for a Net-ID.

  1. Go to https://asw.iastate.edu
  2. Click on Need to register for a Net-ID under with the box labeled Register
  3. Enter the required information and click Next
  4. We recommend that you keep the suggested Net-ID, but you can change it here if that is preferred
  5. Set your password. Be sure to follow the password standards described on the page to create a secure password.
  6. Click Accept and then click Register. NOTE: the Net-ID registration may take a few minutes to process.
    If you encounter a system error at this point, please contact the IT Solution Center
  7. Record your Net-ID and password securely, so you do not forget these credentials

2. Test your Net-ID

What to expect

Along with testing your Net-ID login information, you'll also set up your password reset options and activate multifactor authentication during these steps.

How to test your Net-ID, set up password reset and activate multifactor authentication (MFA)

  1. Go to login.iastate.edu and sign in with your new Net-ID and password
  2. Input your secondary email (non-Iowa State email), or click I don't have a secondary email
  3. Add your phone number to be texted, called, or both in the event you need a recovery code to reset your account password
  4. Click Create My Account
  5. Click the box labeled Got It! (more information about the dashboard will be explained later)
  6. Click on the Activate Multifactor Authentication tile
  7. Read the information about MFA and click Activate at the bottom of the screen. This will log you out.
  8. Log back in and follow the prompts to set up your preferred verification method(s). We recommend Okta Verify for ease of use. Setting up multiple options ensures you can still log in if one isn't available.
    NOTE: If you are using a trusted personal device, you may opt out of MFA by checking Do not challenge me on this device again

MFA verification methods

  1. Okta Verify Mobile App (push notification to your smart phone)
  2. Google Authenticator Mobile App (code from an app on your smart phone)
  3. Text Message (code via SMS)
  4. Voice Call (landline or cell phone)
  5. Yubikey (hardware security token purchased from the Iowa State Bookstore)

Why password reset and MFA is important

Setting up password reset allows you to reset your account password quickly without having to contact the IT Solution Center. MFA is required by the Department of Education to protect your sensitive data. You are also better protected against password reuse, meaning if you use the same passwords for multiple sites and accounts, hackers can no longer easily break into multiple accounts with just one login.

3. Set up your Okta Dashboard

What is Okta?

Okta is Iowa State's centralized application dashboard and single sign-on solution. It's like browser bookmarks meet iCloud Keychain meets LastPass. When you log in to Okta, you can access a huge collection of other applications, including Netflix, Venmo, Pinterest and Twitch, without having to type your login information each time.

Why is Okta important?

Okta saves you time by storing your usernames and passwords securely so all you have to do is click once on the app you want to open. For bookmark users, browser tabs with bookmarked login information are more exposed to hackers than a contained platform like Okta. Not to mention all of your Iowa State apps live in Okta, like Canvas, CyMail, OneApp (for scholarship applications), and Cybox.

How to add apps to your Okta dashboard

  1. Go to login.iastate.edu (you should already be there if you're doing this immediately after the previous steps)
  2. Sign in with your Net-ID and password
  3. Click on the + Add Apps button (on desktop) or search for an app in the Launch App bar (mobile and tablet)
  4. You can browse by category or search for specific apps
  5. Once you find the app you're looking for, click on the Add button

NOTE: Some apps may require you to enter your username and password if they don't automatically use your Iowa State credentials

How to add tabs to your Okta dashboard

  1. Click on the gray plus + directly above your app tiles
  2. Enter a name for the tab
  3. Click Save
  4. You can add apps to this tab using the process above or you can drag and drop existing apps from one tab to the other

4. Log in to your AccessPlus account through Okta

What is AccessPlus?

AccessPlus is Iowa State's platform for accessing important and confidential university information. AccessPlus is separate from Okta, but is available as an application you can add to your Okta dashboard. You will have already logged in to AccessPlus when you accepted your offer of admission.

Why is AccessPlus important?

AccessPlus contains some of your most vital university information and offers a wide range of services pertaining to your enrollment. Through AccessPlus, you can:

  • Manage your CyCash account
  • View and pay your university bill (U-bill) online
  • Register for classes
  • View class schedule
  • Perform actions related to Financial Aid
  • Receive Iowa State alerts related to activity on campus

How to log in to your AccessPlus account through Okta

  1. Go to login.iastate.edu and sign in with your Net-ID and password
  2. Click on the AccessPlus tile in your Okta dashboard
    1. If you have activated your multifactor authentication (MFA), you will be automatically logged in to AccessPlus
  3. If prompted to choose a Login Method, select ISU Net-ID and click Login

NOTE: The preferred login method is your Iowa State Net-ID. University IDs and Social Security numbers may be used, but these login methods are not encouraged.

5. Log in to other services through Okta

Other applications available in your Okta dashboard include Canvas, CyMail, OneApp (for scholarship applications), Cybox and more. You can add additional services to your Okta dashboard by following the steps under Set up your Okta Dashboard above.

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